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Saturday, February 20, 2010

disturbing ensemble of the week.

In order to inject some fun (by fun i mean reading about others' perils) into this blog I have decided to include a section called Disturbing Ensemble of the Week. It is where I take the most disturbing looks and post about them.

This week it goes to, without a doubt, This Girl I Saw At The Movies.
She looked about nineish,
and she was wearing:
A VERY classy symetrically shredded black jersey dress, with, a built-in white what SHOULD be a singlet but seemed to be streched down over her tocus to create a very nice disturbing dress.
WITH, a very FAKE, FAKE, fake, oh the pain! Chanel handbag.
AND a pair of thongs. (or flip-flops, if you're American).

so, there you have it folks. more next week. xx


At March 5, 2010 at 9:46 PM , Blogger Lesa said...

This tickles me because I notice disturbing outfits too--but what really really disturbs me is bad shoes! I've had to bite my tongue at times to keep from asking strangers 'What were you thinking?!'

Really bugs me when shoes don't match the outfit or occasion. It really disturbs me when I see a woman in heels at an amusement park!! Hobbling along looking like an idiot!

Actually, a few days before I read your post I decided to start taking photos of bad shoes and posting on my blog. Have you considered photos-- would add interest to see the disturbing outfits.


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