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Friday, May 14, 2010

dear highschool.

Dear highschool,
you make it extremely hard to do things like i dunno, blog.
yesterday one of your employees made me do javelin and i whacked myself in the back of the head with it. seriously. you are not the place for extreme uncoordination. i wrote a little poem. it's all about you.
by isabella rose wight.

Sitting in class,
on a nice summer's day.
You realise your time,
is wasting away.

The birds,
they chirp a shrill melody,
No teacher to tell them,
They're extremely off-key.

The bell,
you hear the sacred tone,
your time is up,
go text on your phone.

The students,
they run and their feet stomp the ground.
People go flying,
making strangled sounds.

The computer,
after everythings said and done,
a land of no punctuation,
where you're more than student three-oh-one.

I hoped you liked it. I would've done more, but I have to do my sose assignment.

Love, Izzy.

P.S. i have included a picture of tavi gevinson. because she's way to cool for high school.


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