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Views of Now: January 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

print mix

In between school starting up again, just coming home from America and my busy catching-up-with-people schedule lately, I thought it was a good idea necessary that I take a break from my blogging life. Life is still quite busy (I have taken on extension English and Maths) so I'm not sure ow frequent my posts will be. There are just those times I sit down and realise that I am indeed only fourteen, I do have to go to school almost everyday and my family is not a group of photographers paid to capture my every outfit. Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.
With all this time not spent on my own blog I worked up all this inspiration from other places (such as A Pair & a Spare and Style Bubble) and decided to put together this wonderfully clashing outfit. I did indeed make these shorts myself and finally worked up the courage to wear them after being told they were "the most hideous pair of shorts ever" by a boy in my grade. I have kind of grown accustomed to wearing boy-repellent things anyways (harem pants, high-waisted everything, excessive amounts of floral). Forever alone!
Wearing: Breton-stripe shirt made by my mother, shorts made by me, Vans brogues. 

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

coming home

This is incredibly overdue and I apogise! We landed yesterday and I have been doing non-stop nothing for the rest of the time because I am absolutely exhausted. These snaps are a collection of ones I took before I left and when I got home, featuring this amazing flower wreath Maria made for me. She spoils me! 

Now, to make up for the deprivation of my blog, I will finally get around to doing the "blogger awards" tag that has been floating around my atmosphere for a little while. I would like to thank Maria, Katie, Alexandra, Nina and Gabriele  for giving me the "versatile blogger" award, you are all such wonderful ladies! I can feel the love.
I'm not sure of the rules for this but I am almost positive I have to share 7 facts about myself. I think I have to tag 5 people. The rest is kinda blurry. So here goes: 
  • I am an absolutely mad (as a hatter) lover of Alice in Wonderland and collect different editions of the book. My current count is 23 and an audio book.
  • My hair has never, ever changed. Ever. I have always worn it long as possible and whatever colour it naturally happened to be at the time. This means that the ombre effect I currently want in my hair is a big, bounding leap for me!
  • Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, hands down. I cannot function in the morning without my medium-sized bowl of cereal with banana and skim milk, and get distressed if I have not had it by at least 8:30 am. 
  • I play the flute, and have for about 6 years. 
  • A fresh fashion magazine every month is a necessity for me. I feel so out-of-touch without one. 
  • In Spring & Summer, I live in a pair of denim minishorts I got in the Target kid's section when I was about 10. Statistically, they should be about 3-4 sizes to small for me, but they fit perfectly.
  • I am jetlagged and about to fall asleep on the keyboard.  
 I tag: Maria, Katie, Chloe, Chrissy and Sarah x

Sunday, January 15, 2012


The weather here has been so beautiful and sunny! It's the perfect way for the trip to draw to a close. I am slowly incorporating more colour into my wardrobe starting, of course, with pastels- the huge colour for spring! My nails are currently painted a pale green with white polka inspired by this Louis Vuitton show and I am trying not to buy monochromatic clothing. Brights are my friends!
It is winding down time now, and I have a pile of stuff to pack so large that I no longer sleep in my own bed. My wonderful cousin threw me a going-away party complete with true American dining, recreational activities and candy! Now instead of packing I am going to watch America's Next Top Model re-runs and eat. I hope you are all enjoying the last moments of the holidays!
Wearing: Gap sweater, Gap skirt, Kohl's tights, Target boots.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

rocking chair

Well hello there! I am finally back from roadtripping over Texas to see family. These tights are part of the result of my shopping spree in Urban Outfitters, where I spent all of my American money in one go. The whole trip has been shop, shop shop! I have been recovering from this by drinking smoothies made from Greek yoghurt and berries and watching movies. I come home in less than a week- back to the sun, surf and school. Yech.
I could barely sit still long enough for these photos to be taken because the weather was so bad. Windy, freezing and utterly frustrating- but I had to wear these shoes. Outlet mall purchase of $20, last pair in my size! Now to work out how to get the dog faeces off them...
Wearing: Thrifted cashmere sweater, Minkpink top (worn underneath), Cherokee skirt, Urban outfitters tights, Jessica Simpson line socks, Vans shoes. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

road tripping

I apologize for how little I have been posting! We are on the road, visiting family before heading back to Australia and it is crazy! I am exhausted and had a camera malfunction but have also been shopping a lot and should have photos up soon. Outlet malls are my new best friends.
Here is a little instagram photo diary. There's a bit of a pattern- good food, great shopping and cute dogs!  If you would like to keep up with my random iPhone snaps you can follow me @viewsofnow!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

happy 2012!

I finally recovered from that horrendous sickly experience I had and am ready to face the new year! Armed with a list of resolutions and a new pair of boots, I feel prepared for whatever 2012 throws at me... hopefully all good! I am about ready to come home to Australia now, to my puppies and my friends and my Dad and my big, beautiful bed. Having taken on school here in America too it hasn't been much of a "holiday" considering I am about to go back to my real school... does this mean I will be extra smart? My brain's hurting.
I am going to jot down my resolutions right now so I (and all of you) can keep track of my progress. I have two "for the benefit of the world" resolutions and two "for the benefit of Isabella" resolutions.
For the benefit of the world: I will try to be more organised and make my bed every morning. This will make my family's house a nicer place in general and keep me on top of blogging and schoolwork. I am also going to try and build on my relationships with friends and try to be a pleasant person, even when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
For the benefit of Isabella: I am going to achieve pointe shoes in ballet! And work up the courage to ombre/dip-dye/baylage my hair. You get the picture.
I wish you all the loveliest of new years. Keep reading for a resolution update... wish me luck!
Wearing: Geneva cashmere sweater, Cotton On skirt, Claire's wedges, So ring. 

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