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Views of Now: November 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

topknot thursday

Pink Rogue top, Forever New shorts, Miss Shop boots.

I am making the most of my Summer in Australia before I leave for America (which, for those who asked, is a very long stay in America, but it is only a holiday/vacation) by wearing as little clothing as possible. These shorts would be one of my favourite warm-weather pieces mostly because of the amazing coral colour! Aside from this I am finishing school, wearing my hair in a topknot until I get annoyed and take it down, and eating because... I like food. 


Monday, November 28, 2011

november photo diary

Ah, finally the photo diary. Sorry for the delay, I spent most of yesterday munching on trail mix, packing and watching way too much  Hart of Dixie. I do adore photo diaries as they are a little more personal  than my usual post and give you an insight into the life of me!
1. Pocket watch collection!
2. My darling Paris helping me pack. I love that dog.
3. Favourite nail colours at the moment- Silver, White on White and Silver Dollar.
4. A peek into my catastrophic wardrobe!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Oh, Thanksgiving is taking its toll on me. I do love that it is a massive affair in my house, it makes us unique here in Australia, but I am absolutely exhausted. And I leave for America in less than a week! Everything is so crazy right now, so I played with the editing on my photos on Lunapic and pulled out some old photos I either a) don't remember using or b) liked in circular form. 
Just jumping into the Thanksgiving spirit, I am thankful for all my wonderful followers, my best friend Maria, and the opportunity to have a place to share my style with the world. I can feel the love right now. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

lonely hearts

I am alive! I am no longer buried under a pile of assessment with just my French-manicured hand poking out the top! Please do excuse the absence, almost everything except breathing was put to a halt after I became a little ambitious (as you do) about a school assignment and convinced myself to make a stop-motion video. Thousands of images and a weekend later it is completed. Thank the heaven above.
This is what I would regard as a lazy post but expect a photo diary soon. This Lonely Hearts collection seems so unintentionally adorable. It's pathetic but I'm a sucker for almost anything with a collar. 

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Friday, November 18, 2011

socks, shoes and shorts

I have been experimenting a little with the macro lens on my camera. I think there's something so beautiful about a focused close-up on an inanimate object! These few pictures are of things I have been loving lately. My sock collection is a work-in-progress, I wish for a whole drawer full of lace-trimmed lovelies. With Summer so close my Woodford-bought vintage denim has been worn out; as have my ballet shoes from all my skipping around the studio!
I gave my blog a wee makeover, share your opinions please!
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Monday, November 14, 2011

katie ermilio

I came across these lovely designs by Kate Ermilio while on Tumblr... something I have been doing a lot lately, I guess I like the freedom of randomly posting photos without saying anything! Back on topic, this collection (which is the Spring '12) is absolutely beautiful, so feminine and full of pastels.You can find the slideshow here. Completely and utterly up my alley.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

circles and stripes

Quirky Circus dress, bow socks from America, Vans brogues, Dotti sunglasses

Being frivolous and dancing around in my newest purchase because... I finally went shopping! The results are very pleasing. I picked up everything on sale, and got this adorable travelling dress for on the plane to America. I'm a little too excited for my own good. Holidays are coming up also, which means more outfit posts, less assignments and more time to do absolutely nothing. Bliss.
P.S. Please vote for me on Style Nation! My entry is called "Picnic". 

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

faded summer

So it has officially gotten too hot to wear anything but a singlet and mini-shorts. This leaves me slightly strapped for clothing options but I plan on going shopping as soon as possible. I was incredibly tempted to buy something from The Iconic online shop just for their three-hour shipping... I could of had the post up by the end of the day! But no, for right now I will have to settle with my Woodford vintage shorts, Ladakh tank, Oakley bikini top and Dotti sunglasses. If you're Australian, have a nice cold glass of... something. Let's not melt in this heat.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

city shopping

Minkpink bodysuit, Target denim shorts, Moda silk shirt, Cotton On skirt, Target (again) sandals and sterling silver Navajo squash-blossom necklace. 

My outfits for the next weekend! I bought this amazing Minkpink one-shouldered bodysuit while shopping in the city, I have to admit these photos do not do it enough justice. I hope my late-afternoon photography shows you lovely readers the amazing silk-shirt and Navajo-necklace combo borrowed off my mother well enough. The look I was aiming for was Indian-themed chic, based around the bodysuit and my new sandals from Target (yes, Target) for $13. I am such a bargain nerd.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Dotti Boater, Breton-striped shirt made by my mother, Finders Keepers shorts.

I found myself running to my closet to find my Breton-striped shirt (that my lovely mother made for me) after reading Teen Vogue's Alexa Chung interview, where she claimed it to be one of the most versatile pieces in her wardrobe. I can't believe I hadn't realised that before! Alexa strikes again, influencing wardrobes all around the world with her classic style.
Aside from being inspired, I had a lovely weekend, starting off with a girl's night with Maria on Saturday and doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. Feeling somewhat defeated with this Jane Austen book review I'm attempting for tomorrow's English class but I made a very pretty Powerpoint to accompany it. Maybe no one will notice the sloppy paragraphing if I include swirly effects on the photos?

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

beauty essentials

Eyes: My two favourite products would have to be Prestige Soft Blend Kohl eyeliner in brown, Maybelline Great Lash big in Very Black and the only eyeshadow I use, Maybelline Colour Delights creme shadows. 

Face: Always, always use something with SPF. I use Neutrogena Healthy Defence moisturiser with The Body Shop mineral foundation over the top. If I'm going out, I'll use the body shop concealer as well. 

Pink lip tint: 

And the wonderful pink pout you lovely readers saw here is achieved with a bottom coat of (a very worn) Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm in Pomegranate for a sheer pink colour. Then I use the ultimate pink Almay lip tint in Rose Incarnation, and a coat of Liplicious in Frozen Daiquiri!
To all those beauty Youtubers out there... you are very talented! Filming is actually a lot harder than it looks. And considering that I am a perfectionist, it made the whole say-whatever-you-want thing really hard. So, I decided to stick with what I'm good at and do a mini photo-shoot with all my favourite products. Sorry I didn't put a video up! I hope this helps.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

november interview

Now will you all please say hello to the lovely Camilla from Into The Fold, my interviewee for this month! She has been so patient with my emailing and I must admit, I am slightly starstruck as I have been in love with her blog for so long. Enjoy the inspiration! 

1. What made you want to start your blog?
My friend was starting one up, and she suggested that I do it too. I've always been really conscious of what I'm wearing, so a fashion blog seemed the natural way to go. 

2. Is there a trend that you would never wear?

I'm not really down with Camel colours and Mustard yellow, mainly because they really don't suit me with my blonde hair- other than that I like to try all trends just to see if I like them, but then again if I buy something- whether or not it's in trend isn't relevant to me, If I like it I'll wear it.

3. Is your young age a benefit or a drawback in the fashion world? 
It's probably a benefit, I love being so involved at such a young age, and attending shows and press days is such great experience for when it's time for me to try to make my own way when I'm older.  

4. Where are your favourite places to shop? 

Oxford Street, hands down. It may always be busy, but they have everything you need, and all the shops sell their best stock in the Oxford street shops too. 

5. What does fashion mean to you? 
Fashion to me is something indescribable. It's just so massive and beyond most peoples comprehension. It's a mix of art, business and a war zone, it's always exciting and it's ever changing- I don't even know how you could describe something like that? 

6. Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion bloggers? 

Be individual and stick to your values, always be true to yourself and people will respect you so much more.

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