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Views of Now: April 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012


I feel like I haven't shared in forever, so here is a little collection of Instagram snippets from roughly Easter time to now. Instagram is just about the only thing I have been updating since the return of school and my time has been preoccupied with this mysterious project I keep talking about. Ran into some large problems but all will be revealed soon! Thank you for being patient lovely people!
Instagram: @viewsofnow

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

pattern clash

One of my definite staples is a basic, striped, long-sleeved t-shirt. It's perfect for pattern and colour clashing, and for those "winter" days in Australia that definitely not cold enough for a sweater/coat of any kind. Also,  my new hair! I know- it's a little more faded than I would have liked, but there is a colour change. I swear!
Life lately has been a little less free than it was on the holidays, and it seems like every day at the start of term is a Monday. Cheer me up! Since we are on the topic, what are your wardrobe essentials?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

perfume trays

A while back Maria and I had a great day eating porridge, reading magazines and making the perfume tray DIY that she spotted on the Ruche blog here. It turned out perfectly considering my recent attempts at giving my room a makeover. This sudden urge to spruce up my room was fuelled solely by my Pinterest addiction. Instead of actually organising my real life, I now prefer renaming my boards and grouping my pictures into categories. I love the internet.

I am currently working on a major project that I hope you will all love- it should be revealed in a week or so! I unfortunately have to go back to school tomorrow. Goodbye nail polish, winged eyeliner and unconventional hairstyles. The "unconventional hairstyles" rule is particularly annoying because I have grown quite fond of my mohawk.

Ps. It would be so nice if you lovely people could take a minute out of your day to vote for me on Dotti Style Nation. Just scroll down and click on the loveheart next to my entry called "Easter Day." Thank you!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012


 { We smashed cascarones on each other's heads }
 { I made green (yes, green) cake pops }
 { We saw a movie and I wore a basic outfit to escape the cold }
{ I got pointe shoes! }

... And I answered your questions in a Q & A post on my Tumblr! I hope I answered them all, and if I didn't feel free to drop me an email or comment saying so. One question I did think was appropriate to answer here was one about how I edit my photos. I would like to get into a little more detail in a post, but basically I use Photoshop and the free curves available on Julia Trotti's website here.

 Lately I have also been getting into other platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, so if you want to see more photos and hear more rambles, be sure to check them out!
Just a quick note: the last two photos are not of me, but are some photos we took during dance class. I am still on holidays and have not been to dance yet!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Though this post is a little delayed, I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! I definitely did. My family and I took a trek over the hill near our house to the neighbours house, a fond tradition of ours. This was followed by an excellent Easter egg hunt and the new tradition of smashing cascarones (Confetti-filled eggs) over each other's heads. My outfit was the result of a chilly morning and an experimental twisty-braidy hairdo. Which was later decorated with colourful bits of confetti.

Since then I have made cake pops, procrastinated about the work I have to do over the holidays (Excuse me, but yech) and worked up the courage to dye and cut my hair! So, it didn't turn out exactly as I had pictured but it's beginning to grow on me (Literally! I'm so punny!). I was going for an ombre/baylage look almost exactly like this ,but my hair had a nasty reaction to the dye and a) went completely dry in a matter of seconds and b) barely absorbed any of the colour. It's taking the phrase "natural-looking" to a whole new level.
Ps. Thanks for all the lovely questions you all asked me! I am currently writing up a Q & A post!
Wearing: Derek Hearts sweater, Gap skirt, Miss Shop boots

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

about a squirrel

Squirrels and toadstools and deer- oh my! 
I bought this charming dress a while back after falling absolutely head-over-heels for the woodland print and peter pan collar. It was only a plus that it was from Leona Edminston's line for kids, Little Leona, and was a whole lot cheaper than what you would pay for adult's Leona Edminston. I would completely wear everything in the line, with my love for ridiculous prints and all things childlike!

It is supposed to be Autumn here, but the weather is brighter and sunnier than it was for most of Summer. I paid a quick trip to the beach a few days ago, and it just consolidated the fact that I am not a beach person, no matter how hard I try. After five minutes in the water I got swept of my feet by a massive wave, dragged into shore and finally picked up off the sand by a kindly old gentlemen wearing Speedos. I think I'll stick to admiring the crashing waves from afar.

PS: My gorgeous friend Tiarna just started a blog. She's a ballerina with an amazing sense of style and I know you will all love her as much as I do! You can check out her Tumblr here as well.
Wearing: Little Leona dress, Asos hat, Miss Shop boots. 

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

isabella rose

I spent an enjoyable afternoon with Maria painting our nails with sparkly polishes and frolicking around in her flower crown from Wolf Club. I achieved the perfect Barbie-pink manicure using a base coat of "Sparrow Me The Drama" and a top coat of "I Lilly Love You". You can see Maria's equally as dazzling manicure over on her blog, Avenue M

These first two days of holidays have been just as wonderful as I hoped for them to be, and I am itching to get back into the blogging swing of things. I received a question on my last post that I would love to answer, so if anyone else has any queries feel free to leave them in the comments below!
Wearing: Forever 21 blouse.