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Views of Now: June 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

spot of op-shopping

Finding something that doesn't stink and looks okay can sometimes be a tricky task while op-shopping or bargain shopping (two dollar stores, discount stores, outlets etc). I must admit when doing just this with lovely blogger Maria yesterday we were unsuccessful in what we actually set out to buy. On the other hand, the things we never thought we needed were actually what we bought. Maria managed to score six videos for three dollars in an op-shop, plus an interesting book about the Cottingley fairies mystery, her new obsession. I bought this cute cream metal beside table for thirty dollars, replacing my metallic-pink-and-butterflies one I had before. None of which we actually intended to buy, but that's the beauty of op-shopping. Things you had forgotten about or never thought you could find appear and outdated items can become worthy of wearing again. So go ahead, restore your wardrobe/room/bookshelf/movie collection with an op-shop find.


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

views on beauty

As you all know I have been very into beauty lately, as you can see in my last two posts. The sudden interest was mainly inspired by the beauty videos I have been addicted watching on Youtube. Here I have included some of my favourite beauty videos for you to look at. The first video is some beauty tricks/shortcuts you can use when low on a certain product. The second one is not necessarily a beauty video but the channel Beauty Crush is amazing! She has such eclectic/different style and really knows how to experiment with makeup. The last video (Michelle Phan) is a tutorial. Not very realistic as you could not wear it in everyday life (I guess you could, you might be stared at!). Michelle is the queen of makeovers and can transform herself into so many different characters. I love the way she experiments with beauty, it's truly magical. Just letting you know also that I will be M.I.A for the next three days on a camping trip. Not really planning on documenting any of my outfits but should be fun. Enjoy the videos!


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This the second time I have experimented with my makeup, this being the "brown/natural (whatever you want to call it) smoky eye". Here's the process:

I just basically used brown eyeliner halfway across my top lid and the corners of the bottom rim. Then I smudged dark brown shadow across the rim of my top lids and light brown shadow all over. I finished it off with a shimmery cream eye shadow all over.
 I then paired it with my Mother's silk shirt and felt well, luxe. Hence the title. Sorry about the dodgy phone photos! Thoughts?

New post on Baja! Check out my double life as a book blogger: 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


I got the inspiration for these photos partly because I was lazy and partly because I wanted to experiment with beauty. My normal beauty routine consists of mascara, mineral powder and concealer, occasionally eyeliner. I rarely go out of my comfort zone as I am not sure how to and these purple-ish lips are about as far as I've gone. I read about how to do them first in Teen Vogue (and modified that a little). I got my Hissyfit berry lipgloss and some dark purple eyeshadow and mixed them up and applied it to my lips with a brush. Not the best technique, but apparently gets a "pigmented" colour. I was much too lazy to do full body shots so wore my new favourite Pink Rogue peter pan collar top which I also featured here. Hope you enjoy my first step at wearing bold makeup. 

p.s. New post on Baja! Check it out:

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

winter outfits

Sorry about the late post! I have been having difficulties with actually getting up and making an effort in this cold weather. That or I am just extremely lazy. Either way, here are my favourite outfits at the moment. The first one includes a black bustier which I have had for a couple of months now and never worn. Sad, really. Also, my new shorts, a chunky knit and a bow the lovely Maria made me. It's a bit experimental as I have never worn it (yet it is my favourite). Thoughts?
The second one includes the Miss Shop knit that I have been featuring in what seems like all my posts lately. As one of my lovely commenters said, "It is like a dream". Also, my peter pan collared shirt, tights and Ray-Bans. Feedback would be appreciated! 

Also, if you feel like giving your winter wardrobe an update, there is an amazing giveaway at Frankie Sunshine!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Princess Polly shirt (underneath), Miss Shop jumper, Mother's skirt.

I have been obsessing over peter pan collars for a pretty long time now. I guess it's just the sheer whimsicality and innocence that is depicted in my mind when I think of them. When I bought the top, my mother said she had one "just like it, though it had sleeves of course". Bloggers, I think I have met the shop that is made for me. Everything in it I would buy. I had pictured, before I even entered the shop, myself in some of the clothes. It was destiny that brought me and Princess Polly together. Of course, I couldn't afford everything in the store so I settled on the gorgeous Wind Chime top (the shirt underneath in these pictures) and the Hotel shorts. I'm sure you will see them in an upcoming post, if I survive that long. My lovely mother jetted off to America and left me behind, and I miss her dearly. But kudos to her for having this skirt in her wardrobe.


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Saturday, June 4, 2011


So I am having a lovely day with fellow blogger Maria! She made the amazing floral skirt in the photos above, she is very talented. Also, I got my room makeover! It includes an amazing queen-sized bed and a wall overhaul. Doesn't look like the one in my post as I changed my
colour scheme, but now I can roll over in my bed and not fall out!

The three photos below are pre-room makeover.

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