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Views of Now: April 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

cowboys and indians

So I just found out my great-grandfather was a Cherokee! How exciting is that? All I need now is a feather headdress (which I have wanted for ages, just informing you). Actually, I have always loved Navaho-inspired things. My Mum has an amazing jewellery collection containing some Indian pieces- such as the squash blossom Navaho necklace in this shoot I did. I also have a plaited-leather-feather thing, I feel a photo shoot coming on! Enjoy this inspiration.

Thanks to for the amazing pictures!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

doll house

Pure linen top, Rodarte for Target skirt, Target boots, Miller's pullover. 

Easter has successfully passed and I now have roughly two kilograms of chocolate! Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little, but it seems like that. This photo shoot was inspired by dolls, doll houses etc. And because I am currently obsessed I made a polyvore of doll-inspired buys. Bows, lots of bows! The skirt is Rodarte for Target and has the most amazing detail (and a matching cardigan). The second shot is strange but it is actually me trying to cram myself into a tiny cubby house while wearing a Miller's pullover (don't ask). My Easter outfit ended up breaking the tradition! I wore this voluminous red skirt and I got a new pocket watch (with pearls!). What did you wear? 

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Friday, April 22, 2011

under the sea

Underwater Fashion

Happy Easter fellow bloggers! Sorry about the delay of this post, I have been so busy lately. I hope you are all enjoying those chocolate eggs, I will have a post up soon about my Easter outfit. I always wear pastels or florals. It would be such a shame to break tradition.

I have always had a love of underwater photography. I first spotted a shot when I was in America, and the model had the most beautiful flowing dress trailing out behind her. I want an underwater camera so bad! Anyway, I made a polyvore of lovely underwater-inspired pieces, and put together a couple of amazing underwater shots from Enjoy!

Check out my double life as a book blogger! New post:

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dotti Blouse,  Billabong cut-offs, Target boots, Diva pocketwatch. 

So this is not my best effort, but I figured I should probably put it up anyway. I love this blouse, it's perfect for a subtropical winter, and of course I had to put in an Alice in Wonderland book. Thanks to the lovely Maria for photography and I hope you are all getting ready for Easter, as it is one of my favourite holidays. Because hey, who doesn't love Jesus?


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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Autumn Loves

Autumn Loves

Autumn Loves by Izzy Rose featuring flat sunglasses

Ah, my must-haves for Autumn! I guess the point of having must-haves is that you must have them, but as I finished I discovered that I cannot afford almost anything that I put in this collage. It's the thought that counts. For those who have money, you will be most coveted if you wear my must-haves. Is this dress not absolutely adorable? And with that Chanel bag, my oh my...

What are your must haves for Autumn?


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Friday, April 15, 2011

best lookbookers around

These are probably my two favourite people on Lookbook, this new website I joined. In case you were wondering, it's a place where you can post the looks you are wearing. I have a few looks, but they have all been posted on my blog anyway. Back to the girls, Mayo is in the first two pictures. She never ceases to amaze me with a) her limitless wardrobe b) her ability to match outfits and always look impossibly graceful and feminine. The best look is the first one, her "ballerina off duty" outfit. I wish I had that outfit!

Amanda B is in the second two photos. Her layered outfits are almost always completed with those lace-up high heeled boots, which I cannot wear until I leave the house on account of Mum not wanting me to snap my ankle, or something ridiculous like that.

Thank you to all those people who just recently started following me, I have hit 34! Exciting, I know. Keep reading, I feel a photo shoot coming on...
PS. My lookbook:

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

room inspiration

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

happy skirts

Happy skirt

Newest fragrance obsession

The Emma Watson for Teen Vogue shoot that inspired me

A skirt for a musical was based on the skirt on the far left, sketched by me

I seem to have had a lot to do with Dolce and Gabbana lately. First, I found a perfume that I adore and can actually afford from their anthology series just recently. Second, I designed a skirt for Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz based on one from this D&G collection for a musical, and it looks fantastic! How exciting is that? Oh, and I just recently (a hour ago) grew out of a very expensive skirt bought for me for a very expensive wedding that reminds me very much of the voluminous ones modelled by Chanel Iman in a collection that I cannot name for D&G. Whew, long sentence. Anyway, I took the skirt and forced it over my head so I could do one last model of it... and got stuck trying to get out of it. But that's besides the point. The point is, how could you not be happy wearing an impossibly voluminous skirt with layers of ruffles?


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