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Views of Now: July 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

elle fanning for lula

Elle Fanning has always been a love of mine, her style, how she composes herself, her angelic looks. So when the lovely Maria told me about her photo shoot for Lula magazine, (which I have never read but hey, I might now) I flipped for the elegant florals and floaty tops. She also has excellent taste. You can read an exert from her interview with Lula here, and see the pictures. I adore her young, fresh look.

Today has been lovely and lazy, catching up on sleep and reading magazines all day. Among Polyvore, dancing is one of my latest obsessions, as I started Ballet the other day. I love the shoes, and the elegance, and the little skirts! Expect a dance-infused post soon. Well I am off to make a lemon self-saucing pudding with my little white apron and Eiffel Tower lemon zester. Thank you to all my new followers!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


After an increasingly frustrating experience with blogger (see my last post) I stopped being angry and decided to do a post based around my adorable ruffle shorts, which I talked about in this post. Though, after trying to get whimsical-yet-trendy photos, I ended up with two that I liked. Out of a lot. I'm not a fan of fractions, but I know that is an incredibly maddening percentage. So I hope you like the photos, not the best but I had to post them. I paired the shorts with my American Apparel top, talked about in this post. I can't wait for Summer, when I can pair this with a pair of lovely sandals and an armful of silver bracelets!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Pleats & Peter Pan

Pleats & Peter Pan

I flipped through that terrible Bazaar I was rambling on about in my last post and I found an article that actually caught my eye. It was about The Row A/W 11-12 (check out the website, it's amazing), the Olsen twins' fashion label's new collection. I made a Polyvore (my little obsession lately) based on the collection, with some Winter wants thrown in there. It was no secret that they both had style, but the a-line pleated skirts, immaculate dark red lips and leather handbags that stared back at me screamed high fashion. Surprising? A little. Inspiring? A lot.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new things, old things

I have been strapped for inspiration lately, as I bought the new Harper's Bazaar, seeking it out, and found I did not enjoy it at all. I found all the new clothing and accessories were in boring, monochromatic colours, oversized and swamped the tiny, slicked models wearing them. A little harsh, but I spent a whole $11 on that! The only good part was the Jane Eyre- inspired photo shoot with the fabulous Mia Wasikowska.

Well, attempted taking some photos of my new top but the lighting was all wrong (either that or my old, low-quality camera!) so I got a photo from the American Apparel website. My lovely, wonderful Grandma got it for me and it's a peach colour, slightly sheer. It's so perfect for the summer-in-winter I've been wanting so much.

Aside from the top, I received several pairs of socks, most lacy and with bows. They are so cute but not in this post, the images are courtesy of The socks will go nicely with my new leather Vans, which are the perfect blend of brogue-ish class and skater shoe cred. I will have some of my photos up as soon as possible, keep posted!


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Friday, July 15, 2011


The last two days of my life have consisted of TV (preferably the Big Bang Theory or America's Next Top Model), online shopping and hot beverages, as I have had the flu and been bed-ridden for what seems like weeks. My creativity and ability to get up and move have been severely lacking, so please excuse the late post. Anyway, while doing a large amount of nothing I have read almost every book in my small bedroom bookshelf, and I got very interested in the book my Mother brought me back from America, Ps. I made this by Erica Domesek. It is a book written entirely on DIY fashion/jewelry/accessory projects that are easy to make and inspired by high fashion pieces. The project that caught my eye the most was the gold oxfords, which are so easy to make and are very on-trend. They would look so cute with my new lace socks. In silver, too.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

vogue collections

Floaty dresses at Dior

Pastel knits at Missoni

My Mother has successfully been forgiven for jetting off to America without me because of the bountiful amount of gifts she returned with. Amongst accessories, candy, American Apparel (one of my new favourite brands, for simple separates) and lacy socks, she brought back several Vogue magazines, including the new Vogue Collections Autumn/Winter 2011. It is an absolute bible of the new collections, with full-page spreads of every look. I got to survey all the looks of the seasons, the trends, the models! Okay I'm getting a little carried away, I better wrap it up before I ramble for a paragraph about how much I love the Valentino alone. It was so hard picking but I included some pictures of my favourite looks.

ps. the two bottom pictures, Valentino
on the right, Isabel Marant on the left

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I've gotten into the habit (good or bad, I can't decide) of watching America's Next Top Model frequently again. Kasia  Pilewicz is the first plus-size model I have seen on the show, and was one of the toughest competitors. Her soft, delicate photos were easily my favourites, and her features were striking and different. She didn't win, I admit, but was an inspiration for all plus-size girls out there. 
( She is the one on the left in the second picture )

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

black and white

I have been out and about a fair bit lately, and consequently I have had to put together a few respectable outfits, all turning out based around black and white. Yesterday I hit the op-shops, wearing a cashmere black sweater over my much-loved Peter Pan collar shirt. I paired it with black boots and white socks. I have found, that black and white is great for a simple, go-to outfit rather than trying to pair a printed item with something bright pink. Okay, it's a pretty well-known fact, but putting it to use in my wardrobe has made life easier. 
Sticking to the "black and white is classier" rule, I took some photos this morning and put my favourite in black and white. It's not great for every photo, but for close-ups it makes things... simpler. I also did a black and white drawing of Abbey Lee for art, but I was not able to get a good picture of it. What's your black and white craze at the moment?

I've reached one hundred followers! Thanks, lovelies!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hello, lovelies! I do believe I am very close to achieving one hundred followers. Thank you to all who have already followed me, we are so close!
I'll admit, I spent way too long lying in bed with my laptop resting on my stomach yesterday. But in an odd way, it motivated me to get up and do something. I checked out the Teen Vogue website, (best magazine ever, I have a long-running subscription) and realised that I was now old enough to enter their snapshot competition! It's a competition where you send in a photo of you, describe what you're wearing and talk about your style. I tried entering it last year, and of course was turned down because of my age. Here I'm wearing my Miss Shop sweater and Pink Rogue Peter Pan collar top, (both of which you have seen here), my Rodarte for Target skirt, Coach bag and canvas military boots. Wish me luck!
ps. I changed a few aspects of my blog's look. You like?

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