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Views of Now: September 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

sunglasses finally

Ladakh army green top, Bardot lace top (you can barely see it, sorry), Finders Keepers shorts, black patent wedges, Dotti sunglasses, DIY floral wreath, Revlon Silver Dollar nail polish, woven bag.

These are just some current items I have been wearing a fair bit and.... my new sunglasses! I had to share it with all my lovely readers as I have been complaining about the lack of sunglasses in my life for so incredibly long. I found the absolute perfect pair at Dotti for only $10! Less than the gelato I bought earlier that day (very expensive gelato, I would not recommend paying that much) for this amazing vintage-y round cats-eye-but-not eyewear. They almost blend in with the hippie-ish vibes I have been channeling lately, the brown woven bag and lace top (that you can hardly see) look great on the beach. I also have a floral henna tattoo up my arm, if you can picture the whole hippie-ish mash-up in your head. Aside from wearing the sunglasses everywhere (the fact that it may be nighttime, dark and cold does not faze me or my eyes) I have been waving my hands around a lot because I'm wearing Chanel nail polish. The closest thing I may have to Karl Lagerfeld (aside from my probably-fake bag) is in a redish pinkish shade and matches with the above outfit almost as well as Revlon Silver Dollar, the happiest and most blinged-out shade of the nail polishes.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


These are just a few top-half shots I took on a lazy morning, showing off my sparkly new nails. I have been in a slight funk lately and Revlon's "Silver Dollar" has been a constant pick-me-up. That and the lush vanilla bath bomb I got. Getting back on topic, this top from American Apparel is so amazing for layering as it is sheer, but not too sheer that I can't wear it as a top. Messy plaits have been my go-to hairstyle lately, it looks good and is easy (Hello, messy?)! I also got sunglasses (finally) that look really good with the plait.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

miss unkon

You should all know by now how Princess Polly-obsessed I have become (currently my favourite store, shh don't tell Youth Culture!). While lusting over the pieces on their website recently I discovered the brand Miss Unkon, and scrounged around for a little until I found their collections page. They only had the campaign for Autumn/Winter 2011 and it should be Spring/Summer, but their clothes were so whimsical and full of those hippie-ish vibes I have been channeling that I don't even mind! These are the kind of photos I will eventually take. This is my goal!
Plus, I changed my name on Blogger. Such a big thing to do but I hope you are all enjoying my full, given name, Isabella. Has an ambitious photo-taking fashion-blogger ring to it, no?

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Friday, September 23, 2011

my wreath of flowers

Rachael Rachael ruffled Peter Pan collar top, Finder's Keeper's high-waisted denim shorts, DIY floral wreath. 

Just some photos of the floral wreath I made and new Peter Pan collared top I bought in the city. I hope you all enjoyed my first DIY/craft post, give me feedback about how it went if you made one! If you can't be bothered to make one, or don't have the time (I am blissfully doing nothing at the moment) Sportsgirl is selling a range of different ones (the link I included is only one of the choices). But sometimes I think it's fun knowing that you made something yourself, and pranced around wearing it for the rest of the day.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

how to: summery floral wreath

 I got around to making the floral wreath I mentioned here as I stubbed my toe severely (possibly broken) and my new favourite activities are craft and feeling sorry for myself. I made the wreath with medium-sized white roses, but feel free to substitute whatever fake flowers you want. Summer brights are in!

You will need:
- Three pieces of thin wire
- Green florist's tape
- Two pieces of ribbon
- Six or seven fake flowers
- Something to poke small holes in the flowers with (I used a pin and a quick unpick)

1. Intertwine two pieces of wire and make a small loophole at each end. This is the base wire(s).
2. Poke a small hole in each flower sideways so that they will stand up on the wire.
3. Thread each flower onto the third piece of wire.
4. Intertwine the flower wire with the base wire and space the flowers how you wish.
5. Cover all wires with florist's tape. It should be stretched a little to cover the wires and the sections with flowers need to be wrapped twice (just go forward and reverse).
6. Attach the two pieces of ribbon to each loophole. They should be long enough that the wreath will now tie up around your head (really long pieces of ribbon are good)
7. This bit is tricky. If you procrastinate and just leave it on the table and go make yourself a chai latte and watch Youtube, maybe your Mum will do it for you. If not, take the florist's tape and cover both loopholes. It should be done carefully so you can change the ribbon later if you wish.

FINAL STEP: Put it on your head and kind of prance around and sing about it and then do a photo shoot (that's what I did). Or put it on your dog and cover them in a blanket and take photos so they look like a cross between Mary (the mother of Jesus) and a bridesmaid. Or just sit it on your bedside table and eat some peanut butter crackers and watch children's television shows.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a trip to the city

(Michael Kors bag, Forever New shorts, Chic-a-booti lace vest, Target canvas military boots)

So so sorry for the extremely delayed blog post! I have been having a weekend away with my family, in the most gorgeous little bed and breakfast, and shopping in the city. I bought an adorable Peter-Pan collared top, (not surprising in the least) and have discovered my fixation for head wreaths. I'm planning to construct one of my own soon, photos will probably be up in a post. Also, the most gorgeous bridal store ever popped up while I was spending money. I want a wedding!

I hope all my fellow Australians are enjoying a well-deserved holiday and soaking up the sun (finally). My new best friend is fake tanner (a gradual, healthy fake tan). That sounds incredibly vain and a little Jersey Shore, though I am aware of my fair skin. And well... I would most likely be grounded if I ever got a real tan. We're a little melanoma-conscious in my family. Happy Spring-time!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

lazy sunday morning

I've just been enjoying some Sunday morning snapshots with my new camera: a Canon Rebel SLR. I adore the blurry background/focused subject type photo with my Macro lens, so I experimented a little with that. Also, since this is a fashion blog (I was looking hideous yesterday so the photo shoot option was out) I included some pictures from the Karen Walker eyewear newest collection. I want some new sunglasses so bad! The only pair I own I featured in this post, and they are getting a little old. I can't afford Karen Walker (let's be realistic) but I do want a pair from Princess Polly or Etsy. Tell me what you think!

ps. Check out this amazing giveaway at Design3rd's blog, win a replica YSL ring!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

giveaway announcements

I am beyond excited to announce the winner of the lovely giveaway I hosted (for the first time): Natalie Leung from Lucy and The Runaways! A big thank you to all those readers who entered, I love giveaways and I am sure I will be hosting another one soon.

Of course I got distracted while attempting study for my exams coming up, and while not studying found a website called We are Handsome. I saw their bodysuits in what you all know is my favourite store, Princess Polly, but I sadly have to announce that these babies do not come cheap. I was slightly perplexed as to whether it was a swimsuit or bodysuit, but if I paid that much money for one I should hope I can wear it out o the pool. If you do have the money though, who wouldn't look cool with a bold hot-air balloon bodysuit/swimsuit? A pair of high-waisted shorts and some bright sandals and you are set for the warmer months. Newest wish list item!


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Thursday, September 8, 2011

exciting news!

Sorry for the massive delay in posting, it is exam time at school and I have been incredibly stressed. The only thing keeping me going is...
My new camera! It's a Canon "Rebel" (That's all I can remember, full details in my next post) and it takes the nicest photos. I love it. It is my child.
This is the first outfit post I've done in the longest time, because my other camera was not capable of taking photos after six o'clock in the morning. Guess now I have no excuse...
These are my new shorts by the way! Aren't they lovely and spring-time colourful? Speaking of lovely, it's the last day to enter my giveaway! Do it while you can, just in time for a floral coin purse to match your old, worn leather handbag. Or whatever it is fashionistas these days carry.



Sunday, September 4, 2011

forever spring

Before I launch into a post about colour for spring, let me just wish all those lovely fathers a happy Father's Day! We spoiled my Dad by taking him shopping for barbecue accessories, followed by a nice three-hour-long girl shop window browse. Ah, family.

I bought these amazing scalloped-edge shorts today from Forever New, and put them in this little spring outfit picture. It also includes my other great purchase from Forever New, my floral giveaway bag! I was ecstatic to have found the shorts as I was getting complaints about my monochromatic wardrobe. I mean, I won't go out and buy some of the new neon colours they are stocking for the new season, but I am happy to have a colour that I feel safe and pretty dang adorable in. 


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